Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Long Week (aka...the week that I think NEVER ends)

This week was long. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older....maybe the fair doesn't hold as much excitement for me anymore...I don't know, but the past 9 days felt like a month!
It started with the parade we were all in last Sunday, which was great, we won 1st place in our category (TOTALLY a surprise!), and then wristband day, show day...

Open show...

the auction yesterday....which was good except that Evan got a migraine yesterday morning from just being run down, and threw up all Grace had to stand in for him. (couldn't believe it...his first auction. Hope this won't be a trend)

Evan's was sold to the New Paris Benton 4H boosters, and Grace's was bought by a family friend. They were both pleased.
Then it was time to say goodbye. Probably the hardest for Grace.

You can't help but get a little attached. You work with them and feed them everyday and they get to be tame. They know their names, and want to sniff and eat your shoes all the time.

Lastly, Grace wanted to see the Rodeo. While Ev and Brent were home sleeping off the sickness, Grace and I went to the Rodeo.

I've never seen so many plaid shirts in the same place before. I think for this one night event each year, every girl in Elkhart County and the surrounding areas, finds her plaid shirt, cowboy hat, and boots, and comes to the rodeo. WE were not part of the plaid crowd...

Today we're working in the Pork Producers Building serving food. We did it last year, and actually had a great time, so we're helping out again.

Really....will this fair never end?

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  1. Love it all! Our fair just started (actually, we're in two counties so the first one)... Wed my kids will "mutton bust!!!" Went to the rodeo last week but their entries were full and tears were shed. Yup, we wore us some plaid - really pink madras - and cowboy boots! So fun to get to know a far away farm friend - thanks for visiting. The more I look around here, the more I see we have in common. (Yup, Animal Vegetable Miracle is awesome!) Your house is great too - crates n suitcases rock ! I'll be back!


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