Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Day

I've always wanted to capture a day in pictures like I've seen other bloggers do, but I've just never done it.

Our day was pretty ordinary, save for the spontaneous trip to Mishawaka (about a 30 min. trip away....but with the best stores, and a BARNES AND NOBLE of course.)

I cut some flowers from my garden

and put them in a $.50 vase from a church garage sale a couple years ago.

They are so pretty, these cosmos flowers I plant by seed every year. I could be happy with these flowers all year round.

Grace found this project in one of her American Girl books.

They've been all over the living room floor for 2 days now!

Oreo finds the weirdest places to lay during the day.

(maybe they are praying together about Oreos naughtiness?)

My grandma and grandpa have a picture just like this hanging above their couch. It has been there since I was little, and probably longer than that. I found a miniature version at a garage sale a couple years ago, and knew it had to be mine. Just for memories sake.

The new chickens we added to our flock are not getting along with the others...or I should say the "queen bee" chickens are not getting along with the newbies. These two were getting seriously pecked at the other day, hence the cage. (this separation is getting old...can't we all just be friends?)

We went over to Mishawaka like I said earlier, and Grace spotted this outfit in one of the stores. She LOVED it. I freaked a little....can we say flash back to the eighties?

Evan did a little "hard wishing" at the fountain outside the mall. He's been waiting 2 1/2 weeks for the new Lego catalog to come in the mail, and every day when he runs out to the mailbox, he's a little disappointed.

Grace spent some hard earned allowance money on a polly pocket speedboat, and promptly jumped in the pool with it when we got home.

Supper....straight from the garden.

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