Monday, July 19, 2010

How I feel about my garden and other random facts

As I was picking green beans in the garden the other morning for the 5th time, I came to a realization.
Having a garden is somewhat like the anticipation you feel before having a baby. I get all excited come January when my seed catalogs come in the mail. I plot and plan my garden for the coming year, and start my seeds in the basement under fluorescent lights.
Then, spring comes and the garden gets tilled, and I move my seedlings from the basement to their home outside.
Strawberries make the first appearance in the garden, and I CANNOT wait to get out there and pick them. Next comes lettuce, and the first batch tastes SO good!
Next is peas, which take an INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS amount to make enough to freeze.
After peas come onions and basil. I made some pesto this year to see how I like it. Note to self: DO NOT plant 16 basil plants. It is TOO MUCH!!!!!!

Beans were next, and they came on heavy!

I picked 5 times and froze as much as I could, and then gave some away. I was so upset the other day that it was so HOT and there were still beans coming, I actually pulled out some of the plants that are being overshadowed by the tomatoes.
I got all the potatoes out of the ground and put them in the basement. They taste good.
Zucchini is coming slowly, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers.
Random fact #1
My dogs, as much as I love them, are STRANGE!

When I'm out in the garden picking tomatoes, they are both nipping at my heels to get some. They LOVE tomatoes. I'm sure it's not good for their tummies, but they fight each other to get some. Weird!

My flowers look nice too...

Random fact #2

I moved this enamel topped table down to the kitchen to do applesauce the other night, and I like it there, and since I'm still putting produce away, I might as well keep it here.

Now, since I've made my garden sound so great, and told you about how it's just producing so well, I'll tell you how I really feel....I'm beginning to resent my garden. That's right, I RESENT it.

I'm getting tired of getting all the produce ready for the winter. Now, don't get me wrong...later I will look in my freezer...

and sigh from delight because it's filled to the brim with items I can use to make meals all winter. Right now, though, I hate my garden's guts. Especially since I'm riding on the coat heels of applesauce making (63 containers later), and also since my husband informed me that our sweet corn will probably be ready to pick and freeze during the fair. I don't have TIME during the fair!

Random fact #3

I'm a little embarrassed to admit I have 2 freezers. Last year we realized after we butchered our pig, we didn't have enough room in the one freezer for the meat and all the things I freeze, so we bought another one. Who has two freezers?????

I'm giving my garden the evil eye right now.

I'm ready to till it under right now, but I don't have the heart. I'm lucky to have a garden and put away all the food that I do. My family likes the fruit all winter long, and it saves on grocery bills too.

So, I'll just BUCK UP as my husband says, and pick until there's nothing to pick anymore.

We'll see how I feel next week!


  1. Ummm...we have two freezers! Before we remodeled, we had a small one on our back porch and it was nice to just grab something out of there if I it's in the garage, which is not attached to our house, and a good walk outside, especially in the wintertime. We raise Hereford cattle and a few Holsteins, so we always have beef in the freezer, and we just butchered a hog from dad, so the extra freezer space is welcomed! My garden is so overgrown with weeds, it's insane! My little one is popping in teeth like crazy and he's very cranky, so my time is limited outside...but I have to say, this is the first we've got tomatoes from PrairieTrail, and they are HUGE! They aren't quite ripe yet, but we are very excited to taste them and make salsa! I've already put up a few bags of corn...we aren't allowed to grow our own b/c of the seed corn, which Tom Farms plant on our rented ground from us, so they give us some. Apparently, it was ready last Thursday...pretty young, which is still good, but not very sweet...I'm counting on getting the rest from dad...

  2. Your feelings about your garden are understandable...glad you got that off your chest. Just wondering, as I follow your parallell to childbirth... do you resent your children too? Are their lives in danger? Just kidding! Go enamel table!


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