Monday, July 12, 2010

Laundry room redo

It was time for a laundry room redo. It's been this slightly sunny color of yellow for the last 4 1/2 years, and it needed some updating.
Being the resourceful person that I am, and since I'm totally in love with the aqua color in my kitchen, I decided to use it in the laundry too. (Of course Brent tells me that it looks amish blue, and he totally mocks me for it. Well, if it's amish blue, I guess I'm the next thing to amish too!)
Here are some before shots...

Notice the very dirty runner and the shiny brass knobs on the cabinets. Those had to go too....
Here's the change. New spray painted knobs,

a new little framed picture from the stash I already had...

"Your home is your canvas, make something of it." I like that.
I repainted the yellow shelf above the sink, white.

Got a new little sign, although I really want some black letters that spell out "CLEAN" or "LAUNDRY". This will do for now.

This is kinda a hard room to do. It's such a tight space to walk through from the garage to the rest of the house....but, it's doable. It looks brighter now, and cleaner. It'll stay this way....until I come up with a new idea.


  1. I like the fresh new color in the laundry Lorie! It gives it a little pop but not too much. Where do you get your energy girl??? Applesauce making then painting. I'd like a dose of what you are taking....fountain pop huh?

  2. I love it. Very fresh, and makes the red things really pop. Take it easy, Miss Ambitious. I am drooling over the Jo Jo's pretzel now, thanks!


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