Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I know it's summer and all, but this heat is ridiculous! After church the other day, we were so desperate, I set up the kid's pool from last year.

It's a "family size" blow up pool, which could not really fit a "family," just two kids. It is a good size for them, and they are usually out there for hours each day.

Evan's been reenacting scenes from the spider-man movies with his spider-man figures and Grace's polly pockets. It's really quite funny, and they both get in on the act.

Here he's diving for something, I'm not sure what, the pool is not that deep!

Grace has been dive bombing her polly pockets off their make-shift water slide. At least they are entertaining themselves.

The nights are spent walking the 4-H pigs. The daytime is too hot, so it's either early morning, or late at night. Last night I found the kids and Brent walking them at 9:00 pm while I was inside snapping beans.

The pigs are TOTALLY filthy, but it's pointless to wash them, when they immediately go back in their pen and roll in the mud. I can't believe the fair is just 2 1/2 weeks away. Our summer really seems to go fast after that's done!

I was out trimming my tomato plants yesterday in the middle of the day, and came in looking like a sweaty mess. I don't know how my sister lives in weather like this all the time in SC, and she wonders why I don't want to come visit in the summer. Jen, you silly girl!

For those of you out there with swimming pools, you lucky devils! For those of you who enjoy this stifling weather, enjoy!


  1. do you think your kids would let me sit in their pool with them? :) I told Jordan I'm SO close to buying one of those cheap-o $10 plastic kiddie pools and I'm going to fill it up with water, smack it down in my driveway and lay in it-all 8 months of my pregnant self. He says he will not let me stoop that low-he's no fun seriously. :)

  2. I like your idea, Jess. Then you'll have a pool ready for next year when the baby can swim. Go for it!

    Lorie, you already knew I was a little crazy anyway. The way I survive? Air conditioning!


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